NEW Sundays@5 Service

Starting this Sunday 7 February at 5.00pm. This will be a relaxed, informal ‘user friendly service’ with a focus on mission and outreach. As such, we will have regular guest speakers who will share their work on the cutting edges of our community, we will hear personal testimonies and have a lot of conversations about how we understand faith and how it connects with the complexities of life.

For our first Sunday@5 Service we will be blessed by the wonderful music and testimony of Kim Ritchie. Kim is a Country and Variety singer with a difference. Although she came into the world blind, a love of music and performing has given her a clear view of the world around her. Kim is an inspiration. In her own words: “God didn’t give me sight, but he gave me the ability to sing and play guitar and that obviously makes up for what I haven’t got.

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