About St Mary’s

Our Vision

In line with our diocesan vision, at St Mary’s we will seek to transform society through the gospel of Jesus Christ by building healthy, mission-based faith communities.

We will be a church that seeks to listen to God’s Word and grow in obedience and faithfulness as we humbly depend on his Spirit to keep us and transform us.

We will seek to love God first and most, and to love our neighbour as ourselves as Jesus has called us to do.

We desire to be a church committed to welcoming new people, serving and reaching out in our wider community, and growing together as family in Christ.


Rev Karen Reid

Church Wardens

People’s Warden – Sandra Davey
People’s Warden – Janet Clark
Rector’s Warden – Margaret Peach

Parish Council

Pamela Bull, Dawn Carlson, Elaine Young,
Martin Fryer, Beth Crutch


Secretary – Geoff Young
Treasurer – Colin Clark
Booking officers – Geoff Young & Elaine Young
Parish nominators – Jenny Fryer & Graeme Turpie
Synod representatives – Elaine Young & John Dalla
Communications – Alison Niven
External catering & funerals –  Janet Clark
Probus catering/school breakfasts –  Janet Clark
Annual Fair co-ordinator – Geoff Young
Church maintenance – Colin Clark & Russell Leach
Organists – Geoff Young, Lauraine Waasdorp, Margaret Brown & Sue Turpie
Sacristan coordinator – Rev Christine Kimpton